We work to secure good industry conditions for fintechs in Norway

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Fintech Norway is the leading FinTech industry association for fintechs operating in the Norwegian market. We work to promote our member's interests towards relevant regulatory authorities, politicians and ecosystem players. The association was founded in 2020 and began as aninitiative to accelerate the banks' work with PSD2 and Open Banking - but Fintech Norway has since grown to become much more than just an "PSD2 organisation". Today we represent every industry within FinTech in Norway, from payments and insurance, to crowdfunding and crypto - and everything in between.


The main purpose of Fintech Norway is to ensure good regulatory framework conditions for FinTech's operating in the Norwegian market. With this, we want to create an equal playing field with a fair and impartial judge. On behalf of our members we challenge the incumbents when necessary, seek out dialogue when possible and constitute a voice in the public debate for their interests. We do this through regular meetings with the regulators, as well as other relevant government officials, authorities, agencies, politicians and other stakeholder organisations. Together we will solve challenges that are difficult to solve alone and push boundaries.


To ensure favorable industry conditions and development, we have established communication lines to the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Norwegian Competition Authority, Data Authority and Consumer Authority. As well as banks and other relevant players. Fintech Norway has a voice that is heard in the FinTech ecosystem and is already an organisation that authorities and decision-makers turn to for advice regarding the needs of the industry.

We are also part of a bigger European network of networks through our board position at the European Digital Finance Association, ensuring that our members' voice is also heard in Brussels at the EU level. Most importantly - we are a network for our members. Fintech Norway facilitate discussions, exchange of experience, and knowledgesharing within several topics such as PSD2/3, AML/KYC, eID, CBDC, DORA and Crowdfunding regulation.  In addition, we arrange our own events showcasing the latest trends and innovations and facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking.


• Accelerated the PSD2 work in Norway by 1-2 years.

• Established forums with all the Supervisory Authorities

• Regular meetings with the Financial Supervisory Authority every 6

• An active ecosystem where you can report issues efficiently, get   feedback and engage in discussions.

• Merged with the Norwegian Crowdfunding Association, becoming the   single biggest fintech industry association in Norway

• Established an API-forum with the banks and their infrastructure   operator

Our board

Our board of directors represent the full breadth of the Norwegian fintech industry

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Alf Gunnar Andersen​
Chairman of the board
Ann Arianne photo
Andrea Kvam
Member of the board
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Jan Niklas Sandqvist​
Member of the board
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Linn Hoel Ringvoll
Member of the board
Joe Fayn photo
Sofie Findling
Member of the board
Joe Fayn photo
Thuc Tuan Hoang ​
Member of the board
Joe Fayn photo
Henrik Nygård Sjølie​
Member of the board


Our members pay a yearly membership fee depending on their revenue

20 000NOK/yr
Revenue from 10M-200; NOK
Become a member
45 000 NOK/yr
Revenue 200M> NOK
Become a member

What we offer our members:

✓ Brand visibility:

Make yourself known and recognized as a player committed to financial innovation. With your logo on our website, you associate your brand with Fintech Norway and benefit from the multiple distribution channels available.

✓ Become part of the ecosystem:

Members gain full access to our Slack Workspace and working groups. Develop privileged relationships with more than 50 fintechs, representing the full breadth of Norwegian fintech and at all stages of development: early stage, start-ups, scale-up.

✓ Regulation:

Identify regulatory changes and learn how we work with relevant regulatory authorities, how different regulations affects your company and how innovation happens in a strictly regulated market. As a member, you also have the chance to join our European network, with working groups containing industry experts from all over Europe.

✓ Events:

Gain free entrance with your logo associated to all Fintech Norway events. Rub shoulders with the Norwegian and international fintech scene through events, publications and meetings and introduce your employees and partners to the challenges of the sector. As a member you are also free to host and promote your own events through our internal and external channels.